3 Things You Need for a Fun Midterm Break

The kids are home for a little while — now what?

3 Things You Need for a Fun Midterm Break

With the kids at home, there’s no time to getting anything done. The shopping and cleaning are going to have to wait while you find things to do with the newly-found quality family time that has landed in your lap. But with the weather cooling down, you’ve got more options than you realise. Here are 3 fun things to do as a family during the midterm break:

1) Barbecue in the desert

Barbecue in the desert
Take advantage of the beautiful undulating golden sand dunes that are less than an hour’s drive outside of the city for a family barbecue. Pack camping chairs, mats, inexpensive portable barbecue grills (complete with coals), burgers, hotdogs, kebabs, breads, and you’re on your way for a fun family night under the stars.

2) Picnic on the beach

Barbecue in the desert
The beauty of living in Dubai is that autumn and winter are great for going to the beach to catch some sun and sand. The sun is still shining and warm, but not as intense as it is in the summer, so a lot of families will be coming out, which gives the beaches a sort of festive feeling to them. Be sure to pack plenty of sunblock and keep your family hydrated!

3) Get crafty!

Get crafty!
Don’t feel like going out but want to engage your kids in something other than TV and social media? Then break out your stationery set and get crafty! There are so many things you can do in a day filled with glue and paper pieces: create Halloween decorations, make paper chains or pasta art, or challenge each other to drawing competitions.
While you’re deep in the midterm break be sure to enjoy it, because it won’t be long before everyone is back at school and work, so take advantage of your time together as a family.

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