5 Reasons to Shop on Sanadeeg.com, the Ultimate Grocery Shopping Site

Ready to get this week’s shopping done in minutes?


When families need to restock their pantries, they are faced with countless malls, thousands of hypermarkets and millions of small grocery stores to go do their shopping. Sanadeeg.com is the online answer to all your shopping needs in the UAE but without the headache of large crowds, long checkout queues, or traffic!

Sanadeeg.com was founded by two busy parents who, just like you, needed the convenience of online shopping without compromising on value or quality. When we built Sanadeeg.com, we were determined to create something that we and other parents would benefit from.

Here are some of the reasons why shopping on Sanadeeg.com will make your life easier:

1) Save big bucks by bulk shopping


There are many household items that you’ll always need and have a long shelf life, such as coffee, laundry detergent, and pet food that you can buy in bulk for more savings and store them in your house. This means less shopping in the future, never running out of house staples, and more cash in your wallet. Almost everything on Sanadeeg.com is more affordable in bulk, and you can find even more savings in the sales section.

2) More value for your money

01_02_EW_Shop on sanadeeg

Some people view online grocery shopping a luxury that they cannot afford, but Sanadeeg.com strives to help families save money by shopping in bulk and through various reward programs. All first-time shoppers get AED 50 off their first orders, and frequent shoppers can benefit from our cashback rewards program, getting up to AED 300 back. You can also get free samples of incoming new products and get free delivery for orders above AED 250 in Dubai and AED 350 in other cities. And of course, Sanadeeg customers can help out their friends and families with Sanadeeg.com’s very own referral program and get savings for themselves too!

3) Time-saving big time!


People don’t realize how much time is spent around the actual shopping: from getting ready to finding parking, you can easily lose an hour each way to the grocery store and still not have done the shopping. Add to that the inconvenience of pushing trolleys through loud crowds and lugging heavy items to your car before you join the madness on the road. With Sanadeeg.com it’s simply a matter of opening your laptop and you’re ready to shop. Goodbye sitting in traffic, hello shopping from your sofa!

4) Shop anytime, anywhere!

01_04_EW_shop on sanadeeg

Busy parents often don’t have time to breathe unless the little ones are sleeping, but most shops and malls do not operate 24/7. For the late owls or early birds, sanadeeg.com is a convenient way to do your shopping at any hour of the day. So if you’re still awake at midnight or waking up at 4.30am, you can make yourself a cup of coffee and shop in your pajamas for your kids’ cereal and school supplies. You can even shop during your office lunch break or while commuting and tick things off your to-do list!

5) Intuitive and easy-to-use website and app interface

01_05_EW_shop on sanadeeg

Sanadeeg.com has made it easy to find what you’re looking for with their intuitive search features and rich content filters on both the online store and the mobile app. So whether you are searching for 100% natural or certified vegan products, you can find what you are looking for easily on Sanadeeg.com.
Ready to get this week’s shopping done in minutes? Visit www.sanadeeg.com and let the groceries come to you!

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